10 Love Lessons From Drake’s ‘Nothing Was The Same’

As expected,  Drake’s Nothing Was The Same is ripe with introspections on love lost and mistakes made. Part of Drake’s appeal—at least for his stiletto rocking listeners—is his ability to transparently emote. The “I’ve always felt like she was the piece to complete me” lines are relatable. Drake has moved the backpack culture Kanye ushered in 10 years prior a step further. Men’s feelings are real. They have insecurities too. Drake giving those emotions a face and a voice in the hyper-masculine world of hip-hop is why he can get girls’ panties quicker than the hardest of hard emcees.
Thanks to the ‘nets leak, Nothing Was The Same remains on repeat. A few gems of love are sprinkled throughout so we’re sharing the knowledge. Thanks, Drake.

-Bené Viera