10 Things We Learned During New York Fashion Week


As New York City marked the beginning of the global myriad of Ready-To-Wear collections for Spring/Summer 2014, there were a few points that became poignant from the jump: Justin Bieber is trying to salvage his almost-tarnished image by popping up on the front row, the Jonas Brothers are desperate to stay relevant, and Kanye West is, well, Kanye West.

But once you got past the circus that NYFW is known to be, there was an endless portfolio of designers who showcased some of the most beautiful and well-made pieces of the season. This is an exciting time for American fashion as it’s going through a renaissance.

Music and art are merging into the fashion landscape, streetwear is now high-end, rappers are being embraced by Vogue-worthy cloth-cutters and Anna Wintour, as Hood by Air’s Shayne Oliver has learned, still has the power to thrust a burgeoning designer’s career in a stratospheric direction. Here, we zoom-in on 10 things we learned during New York Fashion Week. —Safra Ducreay

Photo Credit: Style.com