112’s Michael Keith on Baby Mamas & Kids as Bargaining Chips

To any and all women that have ever used their children as a means to extract revenge upon their father, to be malicious for whatever reason…SHAME on you!!!. No matter what the circumstances are, there is absolutely no excuse, for you to involve your kids in this stupidity. The long term ramifications of such an act are way too severe. Children aren’t bargaining chips to be bartered over.

And father’s please don’t believe for a second that I’ve forgotten about that ass.

Nothing peels my crayon more than hearing about a man that doesn’t contribute to raising children that you helped to bring into this world. And, yes, I’m very aware that sometimes things can be circumstantial and not everyone has a great relationship to where you can raise your children amicably. You and your baby mama can’t be in the same room together without there being World War III. I get it, however there’s absolutely no excuses valid enough to justify not helping out financially. It’s not that baby’s fault you chose the wrong woman to lay down with, or chose to not to take precautions. But it is your responsibility to ensure that child’s well being.

I give my mother the utmost credit for never speaking ill of our father to and around us. She allowed us the opportunity to make up our minds as to how to view our father, so when I became a man, I was able to form my own opinion based on his actions and not one tainted by years of arguments and resentment.

As parents you are your children’s first teacher. And being vengeful toward someone because they no longer see a RELATIONSHIP is a learned behavior.

Life is cyclical so please don’t be surprised and ashamed to see your kids behaving in a manner that seems eerily familiar to you. So again if you display any of these symptoms of “Bad parent-itis” then I think it’s high time that you take a long look in the mirror and ask yourself is all this turmoil worth screwing up my kids’ head? Because it is they that suffer the most… I’m just saying.

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