15 Bitchin’ ‘Breaking Bad’ Quotables


Breaking Bad has run its final chapter. Although all bad things must come to an end, the after-shocks of AMC’s epic series will no doubt linger. Bryan Cranston, as the high school teacher turned meth kingpin, has been one of TV’s most complex protagonists. To watch him as the show’s main character, Walter White, was to witness an actor at the top of his craft. Add to that, an impeccable writing staff cultivated by series creator Vince Gilligan. Names like George Mastras, Gennifer Hutchison and Peter Gould not only sketched stupendous plot twists but also incredible dialogue.

“I am the danger,” “Tread lightly,” and “I am the one who knocks” are just a small batch (no pun) of quotables that Bryan Cranston, Bob Odenkirk, Aaron Paul and their co-stars have delivered over the course of five seasons. With the show finally in the can, we take a look back at 15 unforgettable Breaking Bad lines.