The 20 Funniest Text Message Memes Inspired By Drake’s ‘Nothing Was The Same’


When Drake’s new album, Nothing Was the Same, leaked the other night, how many text messages did you fire off after listening to it? And we’re not talking about “Yo, did you get this new Drake album?!” texts, either. We’re talking about the texts that you sent to that girl that you kinda, sorta loved last winter before, well, you know what you did to ruin that relationship. And you know how sorry that you are for doing it. So go text! Text her and let you know how you feel!

You are definitely not alone. Actually, you are alone, which is why you’re sending texts to every female in your cell phone and hoping for the best. But you’re not alone in the fact that Nothing Was the Same inspired you to send one or two (or 20) text messages to one of your exes. Quite a few dudes have done it—and they’ve turned the act of ex-texting into memes. As you bump Drake’s latest offering, check out the 20 funniest text message memes inspired by Nothing Was the Same. We don’t know whether to laugh or sob after reading them.