3 Memorable Anniversary Edition Whips

When a product becomes a certified classic, designers toast with a limited edition. VIBE pedals backward and forward on notable anniversary whips

2003 Volkswagen 20th Anniversary GTi | MSRP (then): $23,225
To celebrate two decades of what many consider the original “Hot Hatch,” VW turned to its fan base for inspiration. Compiling trends from “Dub’ shows worldwide, the 4,000 unit run of this grassroots favorite was mostly cosmetic, but still packed VW’s highly tunable 1.8 Turbo engine. While also pressed in “safer” colorways of black and silver, the available hues of yellow and blue emulated that of the GTi’s four-door bully of a cousin, the Audi S4.

2005 Nissan 350Z 35th Anniversary Edition | MSRP (then): $37,160
Kanye West has dropped the Datsun moniker like it’s an insult when, in fact, the predecessor of today’s Nissan paved the way for one of the most proven workingman’s sports car of all time: the Z platform. Embracing a true “30’s the new 20” attitude, the 35th anniversary 350Z stickered at almost 10G’s above the base model, but boasted a healthy horsepower bump. Also available in a high-demand shade of yellow—which flirted with Ferrari’s color palate—the big-braked, custom wheeled Z was in essence a tuner car that required zero tuning.

2013 Porsche 50th Anniversary 911 | MSRP: $125,050 (Pictured above)
By 50, many a make and model have gone through the mechanical equivalent of a mid-life crisis. Then there’s Porsche, happily enjoying its bout of Benjamin Button syndrome; or at the very least, holding turf like a classic pair of J’s. Celebrating 50 years of the coveted 911, the brand has released a beautiful, bubbly version of its classic, complete with a 430hp flat six that sprints from 0 to 60 in just 3.8 seconds. Embracing a bevy of retro styling cues, the 1,963-unit run (for its inaugural year of 1963) is less your pops pulling out his old disco gear, and more Macklemore stunting better than your daddy.

Photo Credit: netcarshow.com