5 Ways Lil Wayne Can Become The ‘Best Rapper Alive’ Again

Once upon a time, Lil Wayne proclaimed himself to be the “Best Rapper Alive,” and we all believed him. We championed the idea of Weezy F. Baby being the best rapper breathing. His mixtape output was second to none, his albums were all solid, and Wayne worked his tail off. Looking back, it was a pretty insane time for both Wayne and hip-hop.

Somewhere along the line, Wayne stopped being the “Best Rapper Alive.” No one took the title from him. He simply got caught up in other things—sneakers, skateboarding, sitting courtside at NBA games—and lost the drive that carried him to the top of the rap game. But now it sounds like he wants to get it back. Once again, he wants to be known as the “Best Rapper Alive.” And you know what? He can have the title back—if he’s willing to work for it. Here are 5 ways Weezy can reclaim the crown.

Photo Credit: ABC News