50 Cent Discusses Kendrick Lamar’s “Control” Verse, Running Into Nas And New York Rap

50 Cent has been known to rumble in these hip-hop streets so it’s no surprise that he co-signs Kendrick Lamar’s havoc-wreaking “Control” verse. The Queens rapper stopped by HOT 97 HQ to chop it up about rap beefs and weigh in on the bars heard around the world. “When you listen to what he’s saying, it’s a breath of fresh air for me,” he told Funk Flex about the Compton rapper’s lyrical contribution. “The competitive energy is necessary for hip-hop.” Fif also says he wasn’t fazed by KDot’s “King of New York” line and didn’t feel the need to respond though folks expected him and Jay Z to find a studio. “That was the line necessary to make everybody stop,” 50 said. The rap mogul also discusses his current standing with Nas, why he (still) doesn’t like Steve Stoute, the state of New York rap and more. Put an ear to the full interview below.

Photo Credit: Getty