8 Reasons To Be Excited About Danny Brown’s ‘Old’

All too often, infighting and jealousy will dilute a city’s hip-hop scene. But Detroit rappers clearly wish to thrive en masse. Elzhi, Boldy James, Black Milk and Guilty Simpson are habitual collaborators who know how to bring out the best in one another. One graduate of the Detroit underground is rising star and blogosphere hijacker Danny Brown. The 32-year-old sweated out more than a decade of grunt work, honing his drum-tight flow on mixtape after uncelebrated mixtape. (2009’s Elzhi collabo “Contra” is well worth the trip to YouTube.)

Brown is a toothless, Adderall-railing MC who rhymes about the penury of his bankrupt hometown, a place where “fiends on they menstrual” are the predominant demographic and copper theft is the only means to a lucrative payday. He’s also been known to humor listeners with goofy food metaphors and random Joy Division references—because comic relief is a must when you’re dealing with material this heavy.

Brown’s songs of late have been obscene, vivid, uncomfortable and Detroit as fuck. Here are 8 reasons to be stoked about Old, his third album in as many years (in stores on Oct. 8).

Stream Old here. Cop the album here.