8 Ways to Become a Morning Sex Goddess

200274028-001Morning sex isn’t just for one night stands and lusty sex scenes. When the sun rises, the last thing us women want to do is wake up, let alone turn into a sexy siren. While a sex-free morn may be ideal for women, men on the other hand are hard-wired for nookie in the morning. If you can’t beat em, join em! Besides, the benefits are amazing! Your mood will be lifted and your immune system will receive a much needed boost. Ditch the excuses and get the blood pumping so you can float into work on cloud 9.

1. Hot morning sex starts the night before!

A little sunrise-sex is going to take a chunk out of your morning, so plan ahead! Pack your lunch, lay out your clothes and silence your phone. Knock out all of the morning distractions so you can focus on your man!