A Day in the Life: Stylist Maeve Reilly

Ever wonder who’s behind songstress, Janelle Monae’s demand-attention, classic black-and-white style? Well, it’s no other than fashionista and celebrity stylist, Maeve Reilly. We caught up with her as she made her way to Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in some killer Nicholas Kirkwood heels that had photogs snapping away. For Maeve—who dawned an all black leather and pony jacket, complete with matching skirt—fashion week is about taking notes on what she’ll be dressing Janelle in for next spring and of course, herself.

“I’m really exciting about Spring, it’s a lot of colors and a lot of white. I’ve seen a lot of bold prints and print-on-print,” she says. “Crop tops are certainly not going anywhere which I love because it’s pretty much my uniform.”

Photo Credits: Jasmine Gonzalez