A Day in the Life: Stylist Maeve Reilly

9:00am: Before making her way into the Alon show, the blonde beauty—who could be mistaken for a celebrity herself (Rachel Zoe perhaps) stopped to catch some shade out of the boiling New York heat. Maeve, who seems to be ever-so-poised and always together, actually shared her worries about the emerging trends for Spring. Although she gushed about the collections she has already seen especially Jenny Packham and Stella Mccartney, Maeve knows Janelle has a specific wardrobe that’s never going to change. “Janelle obviously only wears black and white and suitings, which I haven’t seen yet so I’m a little nervous. I’m sure it’s out there and I haven’t been to the correct shows but Spring is a little bit tricky because people tend to stay away from black which is her uniform.”