A Kink in the Plan: Why We Hate Our Hair

woman with Afro

Kids being kicked out of school for wearing afro puffs and dread locks. A sea of weave and low-quality tracks every-whicha-way you turn. What is up with black women and this hair business?

Before I start down this road, let me first preface this by saying I’m not some natural-hair snob. In fact, if I knew how to make permed hair immune to this Atlanta humidity without subjecting it to daily doses of heat every morning, I would probably still be wearing a perm.  And I don’t mind weave. But I’ve seen more bad ones than good ones and that worries me.

Wearing a perm or a weave is not an acknowledgement of self-hate though many do view the natural qualities of black hair with contempt. On the heels of Sheryl Underwood’s comments about the uselessness of saving afro hair and last week’s coverage of Tulsa elementary school student Tiana Parker who was sent home from Deborah Brown Community School for being deemed “unpresentable” because she wears locks, I started to wonder, what exactly is so displeasing about black people wearing their natural hair? — Sorilbran Stone

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Photo Credit: Michael July

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