Action Bronson Scolds Fan: “You’ve Been a Bad Boy”

Action Bronson had a rouse with a fan at a recent pit stop in Bloomington, Indiana — home of Indiana University. Rolling around the country with Danny Brown on their 2 High 2 Die tour, Bronson reprimanded the concertgoer after the guy threw a cigarette at the Queens rapper. Understandable.

Bronson stopped his show and made the cigarette-throwing numbskull come up onstage. “Don’t move, you understand me?” he told the fan, who sat silent and cross-legged before him. “You are not allowed to move. You shouldn’t have thrown that cigarette. Do you understand that? You’ve been a bad boy.” He then moved the fan to a corner behind the stage and continued on with the show.

The 2 High 2 Die tour continues Oct. 1 in Toronto, Ontario. Light up at your own risk.