Amber Rose Dismisses ‘Satanic’ Rumors After Debuting New Forehead Tattoo

During Made In America fest in Philly this past weekend, Wiz Khalifa’s wife Amber Rose not only snapped a flick with Beyonce and suggested that her baby Bash marry Blue Ivy, she debuted an interesting new piece of ink on her forehead.

The bald beauty apparently etched an upside down cross right between her eyebrows, prompting backlash from Twitter users for displaying what they regarded as a symbol of anti-Christianity and satanism.

It didn’t take long for Amber to clap back at the haters with a dose of knowledge. “An upside down cross is a St Peter’s cross… is not satanic,” she wrote on the social site Monday (September 2). “Look it up before u speak ignorance. Good Day.”

According to religious forums and Cracked, the inverted cross really reps St. Peter’s cross and his humility in wanting to be crucified upside down, signifying that he was less than Jesus.

Looks like Amber paid attention in Sunday school.

Photo Credit: Instagram

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