The Apple iPhone 5S Could Be Coming In September

Apple stans may have a reason to rejoice this month. According to a leaked Apple employee calendar, the latest product of tech god Steve Jobs’ genius brand, the iPhone 5S, is slated for a September 20 release.

Following the company’s new trade-in program, where users can receive credit towards a new iPhone, the buzz surrounding the newest gen of iDevice could lead up to an unveiling at a special Apple event on the 10th.

According to Inquisitr, here are some of the new features to make techies salivate:

“Apple will be upgrading the iPhone lineup with iOS 7′s new interface and also Apple iTunes Radio. The latest Apple iPhone 5S and 6 rumors say Apple is expected to upgrade to a faster processor, improved retina display, NFC support, 4G, 802.11ac wireless networking, and a low-cost version of its popular iPhone line. Apple iPhone 6 and 5S rumors also say the iPhone 5S will incorporate fingerprint detection security measures since Apple purchased Authentec.”

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