‘Basketball Wives’ Recap: A Not So Grand Opening

Basketball Wives
Season 5, Episode 6

A week ago, I thought to introduce a drinking game for the Basketball Wives recaps based on the number of times I work in, “Ohmigod, I can’t stand most of these women!” However, I quickly realized that would lead to either my death or the deaths of too many of y’all – resulting in me netting some kind of manslaughter charge or something. Rats.

Anyhow, ala episode five, last night’s edition of the reality series carried on with the “Girl, what you say about me?” themes of Basketball Wives yore. Another oldie but goodie theme from the show that resurfaced was the “Let’s play the new cast member like she ain’t s**t!” meme the likes of Kenya Bell found herself subjected to. Case in point, Tasha, who felt played two-fold based on her new friends’ behavior at both the grand opening of her new business venture as well as her birthday bash. But you know, I kinda can’t blame them, though. Tasha tried it the entire time. —Michael Arceneaux (@youngsinick)

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