‘Basketball Wives’ Recap: Who’s The Real Tami?

Basketball Wives
Season 5, Episode 5

After weeks of trying to show a more evolved (re: less trifling) image of the women who make up the cast of Basketball Wives, the show has returned to its most natural state i.e. gossipy women bitching each other out over nothing particularly important. I’m all for it. After all, this is the show that shade built. Let’s all stop pretending otherwise.

Now before one of you “respectable” types draw up more petitions to be ignored by VH1, even though there was friction throughout the episode, some old habits were not resurrected. There were several disputes, but like most adults, they were discussed without the throwing of fists or the finest bottles of wine. It’s a lil’ bit of the old with a nouveau way of handling things. Good deal, ladies, because there was a certain wing of social media openly declaring that y’all were starting to bore the hell out of them. —Michael Arceneaux (@youngsinick)