‘Basketball Wives’ Recap: Really, Really Right Or Really, Really Wrong

Basketball Wives
Season 5, Episode 3

After a certain point, when do you say to yourself, “It’s my fault everyone thinks my ass is a fire-breathing dragon, ready to pounce at the slightest bit of discomfort?” Those hoping Tami Roman would finally take self-awareness, squeeze it tightly in a loving embrace were disappointed that last night’s edition of Basketball Wives did not provide what feels like a moment 20 years in the making.

We were last left with the women enjoying dinner, champagne and beer at new housewife Tasha’s place. Tami was uncomfortable, Suzie was nosy, and both Evelyn and Shaunie were hoping the other two didn’t embarrass them. They didn’t – at least not completely – though Tami was none too pleased with the idea that she posed such a risk. This episode expanded on that thought, plus Suzie needing to get her life together along with Evelyn continuing to try to move forward with hers. And then there’s Shaunie, who opened up a little bit about her personal life – not to mention showing how good of a shade samurai she can be. After you finish this recap, join me in prayer for Tami’s nerves. It gets better, girl, the second you really try to make it so. —Michael Arceneaux (@youngsinick)

1. Yes, My Husband Cheated On Me With A Chef
That nosy somebody named Suzie inquired about Thurayyah Mitchell, best known as the chef who sued Stephon Marbury after he stopped making payments on what was considered hush money about their affair. Though Tasha later tells Suzie that her initially thought, “Trick, I don’t even know you,” might’ve been the best way to respond, she did acknowledge that the reports were indeed true. Suzie didn’t stop there, however. No, that would’ve been too much like right. Suzie goes on to ask if the woman in question was beautiful. In response, a very tactful Tasha says, “Girl, let’s not give that child too much.”

Not long after this exchange, Tami, the person who previously pushed Suzie to ask all these invasive questions, goes out of her way to highlight Suzie’s rudeness. Plus, in her confessional, Tami responds to Tasha’s reveal about the big pay off with one of those, “If it was my man….” Well, we saw Evelyn Lozada once tell you that not only did she sleep with your husband, but you were a non motherf**king factor at the time. Sure, you slapped her, but you befriended her once again not long after. In other words, be quiet.

In a separate scene, Suzie meets Tasha for lunch and apologizes for her line of questioning. Suzie herself owns up to sometimes being too blunt and not really think about what she’s saying. Then she sneaks in the part about feeling pressured to ask because Tami wanted to know. Oh, Suzie. Never change. Just kidding. Please change.