Beef Alert? Kendrick Lamar Calls Out Meek Mill At NYC Show

Is Kendrick Lamar taking his “Control” beefs to the next level? During a performance in New York City — the town he initially declared himself King of — Kendrick reaffirmed his royal status and subliminally called out Meek Mill in the process. AllHipHop tweeted Kendrick’s loaded words live from Brooklyn’s Williamsburg Park:

Meek Mill, who was also in town, didn’t seem too thrilled on the receiving end, and took to Twitter with a few words of his own:

It’s interesting because Meek Mill said yesterday that he had no personal beef with K.Dot and even admitted to telling him about plans to release his recent “Ooh Kill Em” response. “I ain’t no battle rapper,” Meek said in an interview with DJ Whookid. “I just battled [in the past] because that’s what they was on at the time. But that’s what we do. That’s fun to us. When I come at people, I come at them, so it just be like crazy.” Photo Credit: