Bey Z’s Former Bodyguard Was Caught Performing Lewd Act

Jay Z and Beyoncé’s late bodyguard, Norman Oosterbroek, was always not too far away from the celebrity couple. But what “lewd act” did he do that warranted him being fired from such a cushy job?

In an exclusive gossip report from the blog Crazy Days and Nights, which originally published the bit as a blind item earlier this year, the New York Daily News found out the root behind the notorious news. The bodyguard to the stars, nicknamed “Dutch Giant,” was fired after being found “using the family’s passports in a lewd act.”

What was the disrespectful act, you ask?

According to the Daily News, the 6’5″ 280-pound hired help was caught masturbating over not Jay’s, not Bey’s, but daughter Blue Ivy’s passport. The disturbing information was sold by a prostitute that Oosterbroek hired, and caught on video, which was taken by the woman. The footage shows that they are both drunk, but in it, he talks about he works for Beyoncé and was her very first employee.

After being fired from his duties, Oosterbroek’s life spiraled out of control as on September 2nd, he forced his way into a neighbor’s mansion, punched the resident in the face and swallowed drugs, according to investigators. The 43-year-old bodyguard died after Miami-Dade police shocked him with a Taser.

Props: Crazy Days and Nights