Beyonce Performs Brazil’s ‘Ah Lelek Lek Lek’ Dance


“Ah Lelek Lek Lek” has been taking Brazil by storm. The funk carioca — a sort of Brazilian electro funk — track by the group MC Federado and Os Leleks has become Brazil’s answer to America’s twerking obsession and South Korea’s “Gangnam Style” dance. Released in 2012, the “Passinho do Volante (Ah Lelek Lek Lek)” track gained more fuel after a homemade music video hit YouTube in January with an accompanying dance that soon spread to the soccer field. The video is now at 38 million views, and counting especially after Beyonce’s Rock in Rio performance.

Baddie Bey is the latest to hop on “Ah Lelek Lek Lek” bandwagon. During her headlining set at Rock in Rio last night (Sept. 13) in Rio De Janiero, Brazil, the singer and her dancers put their own spin on the “Ah Lelek Lek Lek” dance. May this be the death of twerking? Watch below and get up and “Ah lelek lek lek lek lek …”

“Ah Lelek Lek Lek” (Official Video)

Beyonce dancing to “Ah Lelek Lek Lek”