Big Sean Talks Marriage, Ex-Girlfriend and Naya Rivera ‘Sorry’ Controversy for VIBE Digital Cover

Still riding high off a top five debut for his sophomore effort, Big Sean sat down with VIBE for a revealing digital cover story. Inside (or online), the G.O.O.D. Music signee revealed that while preparing Hall of Fame, he took a page out of Kanye’s book and tried singing with the unreleased “Worlds Ablaze.”

“I played it for a couple people like Jhené Aiko and she loved it. I played it for No ID and he loved it. I was just straight up singing, and I was going to add a rap verse at the end. I did two verses where I was just singing. I can’t sing that well, but I can hold a note. I guess I can harmonize.”

Another hot topic included life with ex-girlfriend Ashley and new love Naya Rivera. The trio recently found themselves embroiled in controversy when Sean’s self proclaimed “first true love” was name checked in the Glee star’s debut single “Sorry.”