Big Sean Talks Marriage, Ex-Girlfriend and Naya Rivera ‘Sorry’ Controversy for VIBE Digital Cover

“My girl Naya put out a song, and a lot of people were like ‘Aw she said all these names at the end, she said Ashley.’ When I really heard the song, I didn’t even think about it like that,” he says. “She’s saying Amber, Brittany, Tiffany—those were just random names, there’s 4 million girls with the name Ashley. People took that attention from the song opposed to it being a song that they can relate to and have fun with.”

Gossip games aside, Sean maintains that Ashley will always hold a special place in his heart. Speaking on the song he wrote for her, the rapper calls it an homage written while the two were still together.

“She’s been through so much. When you with the girl that you knew since you were 16, it hardly ever works out and we tried to make it work, believe me. Without her, I wouldn’t be shit. She helped me so much.”

He adds, “She was definitely my first true love. She was always at the shows. She would let me sleep on her couch when I came to visit before we were together. She was definitely that ride-or-die chick.”

Today, Sean isn’t afraid to talk about marriage and children, both of which he hopes to have one day.

“In a perfect world, if it could work out like that, then that would be cool… to be married and have kids. If I had a kid I would take care of it and be a good dad. That’s when you really have to boss up. I would probably go even harder if that happened.”

Vixens: do you like seeing the sensitive side of this “Detroit player?”

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Photo Credit: Getty Images