Bobbi Kristina Backs Out of ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Out of Respect for Her Mother

Bobbi Kristina has been on a whirlwind since the death of her famed mother Whitney Houston. She was slated to be on the reality show Celebrity Big Brother, but the 20-year-old dropped out of the show because the producers “expected her to talk about her drug-plagued mother’s death,” according to the National Enquirer.

An insider told the tabloid that Bobbi Kristina was so enraged by the request that she yelled at the producers, “Do you want a picture of her naked dead body lying on the hotel’s bathroom floor too?” She is trying to move on with her life and who can blame her? She has to deal with the reality of her mother being gone everyday. She isn’t going to sell out her mother for entertainment or money.

Kudos to her for doing the right thing. This young woman has enough to deal with.


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