Clubs Vs. Casinos: EDM Beats Out Gambling In Sin City

Gambling used to be synonymous with Las Vegas, making it the casino capital of the nation. That why it was surprising to hear that there was a new kid in town competing against the familiar slot machines and card tables, and it comes in the form of bottle serves and bass beats.

In a recent New Yorker article by Josh Eells, venue owners are finding that their nightclubs are grossing higher revenues than casinos. Take for instance the Vegas resort Encore. There are four dance clubs inside Encore and its sister resort, the Wynn. According to the article, the clubs’ combined revenue last year was $180 million, which was more than the slot machines earned. “Half of Steve Wynn’s [Encore’s owner] profit comes from the night clubs. Gambling is an amenity now.”

What was is the driving catalyst in all this? “The clubs achieved this success by championing electronic dance music, or E.D.M. – an unwieldy name for a sleek sound market by propulsive kick drums, dopamine-rush synthesizers, and soaring vocals.” (Dang New Yorker, when you put it that way…) The genre that “has made celebrities of several skinny young Swedes” (touché) also involves patrons to pay form $5,000-$25,000 for table reservations and bottle service, which has contributed to nightclubs like XS’ fast-growing, long-lasting success.

The article continues by describing the escapades of XS managing partner Jesse Waits and his relationship with heavyweight DJ-producer Afrojack since he first saw him perform. “I’m like his big brother,”Waits told the New Yorker. The remainder of “Night Club Royale” is in the latest issue of The New Yorker, sold at your local newsstand or eBook store.

Photo credit: The New Yorker