Director JJ Abrams Chooses ‘Star Wars’ Over ‘Star Trek’

JJ Abrams, creator/producer of all things Alias, Lost and then some, is facing every middle-aged man’s childhood dream decision: Star Trek or Star Wars. Abrams was selected and then signed on to direct the first in the next installment of the Star Wars saga. The sequel trilogy’s Episode VII is scheduled to begin shooting in the U.K. in 2014. However, the decision means he’ll have to put the brakes on directing the third Star Trek film.

Abrams took the director’s chair for 2009’s Star Trek. The film was the franchise’s eleventh film and has brought in a whopping $385 million to date worldwide. Its follow-up, Star Trek Into Darkness hit theaters this summer and in four months brought in $465 million worldwide. Despite the successful streak, the 47-year-old says he’ll only produce the third Star Trek.

“It definitely feels like the right time to let someone come in and do their own thing,” Abrams told Collider. According to reports, Abrams plans to bring post-production on Star Wars: Episode VII back to his Santa Monica, Calif Bad Robot production company headquarters.

Something tells us both these films are still, regardless, going to be box office hits.