DJ Spotlight: Drezo Talks Rising Up In EDM And Electric Zoo Aftermath

Forging his way through an overcrowded scene, LA’s Drezo makes headway by the leaps and bounds with his forward-thinking productions. Kicking off his first year as “Drezo” by winning Insomniac’s Discovery Project, the 21-year-old scored a dream slot at EDC Orlando’s neonGarden stage. His debut EP, ‘Mandingo’ topped Beatport’s Progressive House charts and made its way to #39 overall. Drezo’s popularity can not only be attributed to his attention-grabbing tracks, but also his energetic sets. Recently opening for MAKJ in Minnesota, and Mord Fustang in Orange County, the youngster shows no signs of stopping. Next week, Drezo shares the stage with major players like Markus Schulz, Funkagenda and Fedde Le Grand on The Groove Cruise LA. The dark and alluring “Rogue” is the latest single from Drezo, and is available for free download. Cop it, and get to know this rising artist by checking out the up-close-and-personal interview below: VIBE: Tell us a little bit about yourself. Who is Drezo, and how would you describe your sound? Drezo: I’m a 22-year-old with an avid passion for house music. I grew up in Phoenix, but I am now based in Los Angeles. I started DJing about four years ago in Arizona, and then I realized I wasn’t going to be any different than the handful of other local aspiring DJ’s if I didn’t start producing. So I locked myself in my room, and three years later here I am. My sound is House, or anything with a 4/4 kick. I dive into every sub-genre of House in my productions (Deep, Tech, Electro, Progressive, etc). Lately, I’ve been really loving minimal/techno style stuff as well. A lot of people, I think, would consider my newest tunes to be ‘Minimal Electro.’ How did you come up with your stage name? My actual name is Andreas, but I’ve always gone by ‘Andre’ for short. I picked up the nickname ‘Dre’ in high school from a few of my peers, and so “Drezo” was sort of derived from that. I wanted to stay true to my name/identity as much as possible. Most memorable moment in your DJ career thus far? This is somewhat tough, just because, where I am now has been the cumulative result from four years of minor milestones and achievements. Every experience at this point means a lot to me still, and I take none of it for granted. I look at it all as stepping stones to the primary goals I set for myself four years ago. Most memorable however, so far, would probably be playing at EDC Orlando in November last year on the neonGarden stage.

Insomniac Discovery Project: EDC Orlando – Drezo Entry by Drezo on Mixcloud

If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be and why? I believe each producer has their own special learned knowledge they can share, so to pinpoint just one artist is difficult. I’d want to work with someone who can teach me how to be as creative as I can with the current plug-ins/hardware/technology out now. Someone like Pretty Lights for example. Dillon Francis as well would be ridiculous. Our scene is painted in a negative light, especially as of late, as drug overdoses shut down Electric Zoo and a Zedd show. Moms are petitioning to ban EDM, and the press is eating it up. What are your feelings on the subject, and what’s your recommendation to save our culture? It’s a bummer. Personally, I never have had the need to consume drugs or mass amounts of alcohol just to enjoy an electronic event. But it seems more and more nowadays, people are attending the party without caring about the music. Maybe they do like the music to some extent, however overall, I believe people are attending these events only with the intention of getting as f*cked up as possible. Therefore, it results in some really bad and unsafe behavior. And it ruins the fun/experience for everyone else! People aren’t going to these events anymore to try to find a new artist to follow. They’re going to camp out at the main stage with their group of friends and listen to the same 10 acts that headline everything else. Is that really fun? Especially now that drugs seem to be such a key component for people to “have a good time.” No, not in my opinion. So to be honest, it really f*cking sucks. And if we ever do want to progress as a scene, everyone needs to get their heads out of their asses and start taking more responsibility for their actions. WE, as a WHOLE, control the future, and it won’t take many more instances like this to f*ck it up for everyone else.