DJ Spotlight: J-Trick Talks Club Cartel, New Material And Aussie Pride

Swimming streamline, J-Trick glides past his crocompetition. Like a shark’s dorsal fin, his distinctive sonic style slips past the unoriginal masses with surmounting speed. The Australian heartthrob teamed up with Taco Cat for their Hussle (Ministry of Sound) release “Jumanji”, which solidified itself as Australia’s biggest record by hitting the #1 spot in the nations ARIA Club Chart. Alongside his successful productions, J-Trick dips his feet in music’s business side with his Club Cartel Records imprint that cranks out loads of new music by up-and-comers. The DJ/producer/label-head doesn’t stop there either. J-Trick cannonballs into festival heaven performing at Stereosonic Sydney alongside Calvin Harris, David Guetta, and Afrojack, to name a few, later this year.

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First off, 2013 has been a very big year for you, and we’d like to congratulate you! On that note, your ‘Higher Ground’ EP dropped in January followed by a May release for “Jumanji,” and both were chart-topping. You pack a mean bounce in your forthcoming remix for Static Revenger and Kay’s “Back Off Bitch.” What are your expectations for the remix, and what was it like working with Dim Mak?
J-Trick: Thanks! 2013 definitely has been a great year for me. I’m expecting some big things for the remix, have had a lot of early support for it so far, so I’m stoked for the release. Dim Mak has always been a label that I’ve wanted to be involved with, so it’s awesome to get my foot in the door with a remix for them and hopefully work closer in the future.

We last caught up during your spring 2012 tour which stopped in New York. You were heavily involved in the moombahton scene then, and have since shifted away. How would you describe your sound now, and how did it evolve?
I jumped on moombahton pretty early, no one else in Australia was really doing it. So for me, I guess, it was a great time to be involved in it, but I definitely have seen my sound evolve to a more big-room EDM style as well as the popular Melbourne bounce sound that’s blowing up at the moment. It kind of just took its own path; I never really plan what I’m going to make, I just kind of wing it, and whatever feels natural is what comes out. I feel my best tracks have come when they haven’t been forced – “Jumanji” [is] probably the best example. We smashed it out in a couple of hours and it just flowed really nicely.

What can we expect from you next? Any big releases, remixes, or gigs/tours on the way?
I’ve got a stack of brand new releases planned for the rest of the year. My new ‘I’m So Hot’ EP is coming out on One Love on the 11th of October, which I’m really stoked for. Also a bunch of remixes and collabs with some huge names… can’t say too much yet but all will be revealed very soon!

Outside of the studio and club, what do you like to do in your free time?
I love hitting the gym in my spare time; let’s me clear my mind and also it’s good to get some exercise after sitting on a computer all day.

Will Sparks is your Australian counterpart, and you share a similar sound. Bottom line: he’s tough competition. How do you stay afloat and differentiate yourself from not only him, but everything else that’s out there?
I don’t see any competition in this industry, believe it or not. I find music is an art form and there’s no real winner or loser. Sparksy is a good mate of mine and I remember signing one of his first EPs to my label, Club Cartel Records, just over a year ago. It’s awesome to see how far he has come and he’s a huge inspiration to not only myself, but all the local Aussie crew. He’s like our little prodigy brother! But in saying that, I just try to differentiate myself by being as unique as possible and always trying to come up with something that’s original, or if I’m going for a certain sound, [I] at least try to add my own twist to it.

What are your favorite songs at the moment? Are there any under-the-radar artists we should know about?
I’m loving all of Deorro’s new music, again a very close mate of mine who I also idolize. His track “Lose It” would have to be one of my favorites at the moment. Some Aussie artists that I think are killing it at the moment would be Reece Low, Uberjakd, Will Sparks, Joel Fletcher, Slice N Dice, Peking Duk and Chardy to name a few. There’s so many more that are also coming up through the scenes which you will definitely be hearing about within the next few months I’m sure.