Drake: ‘I’m Dying To Get Back Into Acting’

While Drake hasn’t done any real acting in quite a bit, he recently told MTV News that his “Hold On, We’re Going Home” video is his first step back in that direction. Matrix director Bill Pope lead the video which features no performance and a storyline that rivals Hollywood films. Not to mention a list of cameos that includes Steven Bauer from Scarface.

“It’s a video full of acting because I’m dying to get back into acting,” Drake told MTV News. “So there’s actually no performance in the video — it’s all acting. A$AP’s in it as well, plus a lot of different cameos, but it’s a story-based video.”

“I based it off of some of the old Michael Jackson videos like ‘Moonwalker,’ so it’s sort of exciting, violent a little and scary a little, but it’s great.”

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