Drake, Miguel And Jay Z Memes Inspire ‘Drake Yolo Polo’ Clothing Line


Designers draw inspiration from many things, especially pop culture. In 2013, internet inhabitants got their fair share of laughs thanks to witty memes starring the year’s biggest headline-makers. Aside from dishing out good music, Drake, Miguel and Jay Z have been spotted in some awkward situations, prompting the creation of viral memes. Drake and his Dada suit were caught in a backstep during his “No New Friends” video shoot, Miguel let his leg adorn the neck of a female fan during an unintentional Billboard Awards body slam, and Jay Z awkwardly dove off the side of a yacht and into the sea.

The memes worked their way from Instagram feeds and onto various polo shirts from a the cleverly named new clothing company, Drake Yolo Polo. So far, three shirt designs are available, priced for $25 each. Click through to decide which one may get added to your closet.