Draya Michele on ‘Basketball Wives’, Love, and Making Money

DrayaIt’s no secret that you’re beautiful and have a gorgeous body, what are your beauty and workout secrets? 

I don’t like a diet so in order to eat whatever I want I have to workout. I’ll train my body and get it to where it needs to be and then I’ll fall off from the gym. I’m not a die-hard gym person but I do like to workout.

Let’s talk about your nails, they’ve been red for quite a while, any reason why? 

I’ve tried other colors and I just don’t feel myself. If I have pink I feel it’s too girly, if I have nude it’s so plain on me I just can’t. I just have to wear red, it just suits me, it’s very sexy, it’s very mature, and I just like it. Red goes with everything, it’s classic and it was like the first shade of nail polish to ever be created.

Your Fine Ass Girls clothing line has been doing well. What was the motivation for that line? 

Well I started by saying “wit’ yo fine ass” it was something that I just said all the time. I wanted to make things that people were able to get that was a part of Draya but I didn’t want it to be like merchandise, I didn’t want to put a slogan on a shirt so then I just came up with Fine Ass Girls and was like “well why not do that?” and even people that don’t know me can wear it just because it has a great name, it’s catchy. I just wanted to start something that could be for everyone.

You’ve been getting a lot of ridicule on Instagram by people who feel you only find beauty in lighter skinned women, how do you feel about that? 

Oh good! I am in no way biased or do I prefer light skin or dark skin it’s just that the people that model my clothing are my friends in real life. I don’t hire models and I don’t have castings and say “not her or her.” These are just my friends and these are just regular girls and I just pick them based on if them being my friends, I don’t see color. It’s just about how the shirt looks, so really I could use headless pictures, it’s just about if my t-shirt looks good that’s all I really care about.

What’s a vixen to Draya?

I think of vixen as something sexy. I think that “X” in there just makes it like a sexy woman. Vixen itself is just a sexy word so I think it’s just any woman that’s sexy and doing whatever her talent is and succeeding at it.