Draya Michele on ‘Basketball Wives’, Love, and Making Money


Your swimsuit line Mint Swim, which many of us first learned about on BBW, has just released its second collection “Sand Meet Beach” what was the inspiration for that collection? 

I definitely took a lot more time creating this line and I wanted them to be really sexy. I wanted to keep them all in the same color scheme and not do anything too wild so I kept it basic white, basic black, and then there’s a little bit of tan. And there’s a bit of red and orange in there, I just wanted to keep it nice and clean and chic.

You’re also a Ciroc Girl, how did that partnership come about and what is it like? 

I met the Vice President of Ciroc and she basically had a belief in me. She followed me and she knew that I had a following so she just took a chance on me and she brought the idea to Puff and everyone else and everyone was on board and they gave me a shot. I’ve been doing really well for the company now for about five months.

What are you listening to now?

I’m definitely like a classic Jay-Z fan, like diehard everything Jay-Z is great to me. I’m a big fan of Kendrick Lamar so I’ll always support him. And then my best friend musically introduced me to Frank Ocean; I’ve become a fan recently.

As a person who lives in the public eye, people think that they know based on what they see. What do you want people to know about Draya?

I just want people to know that Instagram is just a small fraction of my life. It’s pictures that I select to go up there and you know there are some things in my life that I like to keep private. There are people that inquire so much about my family and as a mother that is a very scary thing so I have to protect my family and keep them a little out of the limelight just because they’re so in demand. When people say “well where’s your son? Where’s your son? Where’s son?” it has the opposite effect on me, instead of making me actually want to post my son, it puts a slight fear in me like why are you guys so obsessed with my son? That would scare any parent for strangers to be so concerned for their child. I just need people to know that I keep it private.