Droog Lists Top Tracks Commemorating Five Years Of Culprit

Droog Members: Andrei Osyka, Brett Griffin and Justin Sloe

Over the last five years, LA’s, Droog have created a community of groove cohorts through imprint, Culprit. Their European-inspired-superlative, Sunday afternoon pool parties, has hosted some of Ibiza’s favorites like Dan Ghenacia, DJ Tennis, Maxxi Soundsystem, and Tone Of Arc, this season. Recently releasing EPs from Justin Jay, ATAXIA, Edu Imbernon and another one from Benoit & Sergio on the way, at the end of the month, things are looking pretty bright for the trio, from the Standard skyline.

VIBE sat down with the label owners to get a run down of their favorite Culprit tracks, from the last five years.

Track that is currently on repeat.
“Mogwai, ‘Tracy’ (Kid Loco’s Playing with the Young Team Remix) [Eye Q] – Beautiful anthem track, that sounds like summer ending and autumn beginning.”

Track that you would play at your uncle’s wedding.
“Alexander, ‘Truth’ [Community Records] – “It has a nice soul to it, that feels like it would have been at home on Motown.”

Track that hasn’t gotten the attention it deserves.
“Örsten, ‘Fleur Blanche [Pschent].’ It’s a beautiful piece of down tempo, that seemed ripe for any number of soundtrack uses.”

Track that you wish was on Culprit.
“Agoria, ‘Scala [Innervisions].’ This label can do no wrong at the moment, instant classics one after another. This is perfectly balanced jam, with deep house and deep techno influences mixed so well together. We would have agreed to watch a 5 hour loop of Miley Cirus’ VMA performances just to sign this song.”

Track that gets Cali Bear Twerking
“Miss Kittin’s ‘Requiem for a Hit,’ is an all-time Cali Bear ass-shaking favorite.”

A timeless track that will be played at Culprit’s outer space party in 2072
“Like DUH!”

Track that gets all the ladies.
“Got to plug some of our own stuff here – Inxec & Droog – Body to Body featuring Dina Moursi. Deep sensual vibes here, can’t go wrong with the opposite sex.”