Exclusive: Paris Hilton Reveals New Snoop And Flo Rida Cameos On YMCMB LP, Thoughts On Drake NTWS

The world’s most business-minded heiress is getting busy in Birdman’s studio and she doesn’t care what haters have to say.

Paris Hilton popped by VIBE today (Sept. 25) to shed light on her recent signing to Cash Money Records and spill on some star-studded collabs she has lined up for her yet-to-be-named album.

“I love being part of the Cash Money brand and I don’t care what anybody says because what we’re doing is amazing,” a pointed Paris says. “My first single is coming out October 1, called ‘Good Time.’”

The track will be paired with a smoldering music video that features Paris gyrating poolside in a barely-there bikini to turnt-up beats created by her good friend Nick van de Wall, better known as Afrojack. “We wrote it together so it was a lot of fun coming up with the song,” she says. “The beat is incredible, the drop is so much fun. I can’t wait for everyone to hear it.”

Lil Wayne adds a bit of hip-hop edge to the EDM-flavored track as well. “It was so much fun working with Wayne. He’s so talented, so much fun, so down to earth and I was really excited to have him on my first single.”

Hilton doesn’t just get down to dance-floor heavy drops. While being asked for her thoughts on Drake’s Nothing Was The Same, she says: “I love Drake. I think he’s such a talented artist and his new album is amazing. One of my favorite songs is ‘Just Hold On.’ I really love ‘Started From the Bottom’—it has great lyrics.”

While there is no set release date for her Cash Money LP, Hilton insists the sophomore project varies drastically from her first album, Paris.

“The first one was more pop and this one is a lot more electro-pop, so it’s a lot of dance songs and a lot of EDM,” she says, revealing Snoop Dogg and Flo Rida features on the second and third singles, respectively. “I love being signed with Cash Money, they’re an amazing label.”

She’s got that right. Paris first met Birdman years ago in Miami at the VMAs. “Lil’ Wayne was [there]… he started asking about my records and said he’d love to be on a song,
she remembers. “And [then] Birdman and I started talking and he asked me to be in his video for ‘Tap Out.’ From there we did a deal.”

Paris drops her “Good Time” single on Oct. 1. —Sarah Polonsky