Exclusive: Sampology ‘Stimulation’ Mix (Free Download)

Audio/visual DJ, Sampology lives up to his moniker. The Australian mixed media performance artist, born Sam Poggioli, jockeys both visuals and sound at the same time. The result? A next-level live act redolent of Girl Talk meets Amon Tobin’s ISAM stint, but produced by one man. As Sampology gears up for two upcoming must-catch shows in LA, VIBE premieres his intricate mix titled, “Stimulation,” in which the A/V Aussie stabs in and out of hip-hop and electronic; layering track upon track like a 10-tiered cake… only fat free.

On September 30, Sampology will be performing his current live A/V show “Stimulation” at Bardot’s School Night in Los Angeles. The following night, October 1, he’ll demonstrate his skill as a DJ at Room 86 in the Dim Mak Studios.