EXCLUSIVE: Zhang Ziyi Trains In Bagua In ‘The Grandmaster’ Clip

The Grandmaster has successfully tackled American audiences with its beautiful scenes from the award-winning Wong Kar-wai. In this exclusive clip, we get a look at actress Zhang Ziyi practicing the lethal martial arts style of Bagua in Kar-wai’s Ip Man picture.

This film, which traces the rise and legend of Ip Man (played by Tony Leung), serves as director/writer Wong Kar-wai’s 10th feature film—his first original one since 2007. Mining the generation-spanning heritage of martial arts cinema, The Grandmaster artfully takes a look at the history of Hong Kong, and its most influential martial artists of the day.

The plot finds Ip Man having his mettle tested by a revered northern master, Gong Baosen, who is then tested to the limit by his daughter Gong Er (played by Zhang Ziyi). The daughter idolizes her father’s movements, and in this exclusive look, audiences can see just how beautiful Wong Kar-wai’s latest picture really is.

Without further ado, please take a look at this fresh twist on the Ip Man saga:

Hypnotically beautiful and full of grippling iconography, The Grandmaster is full of warriors and street fighters, all armed with fast and furious fists and feet. Actor Tony Leung, a still figure in a long coat and an elegant white hat, is a must see and a proven performer in the role of Ip Man.

Rated PG-13, The Grandmaster also stars Hye-kyo Song, Cung Le, Chen Chang, and Woo-ping Yuen, and is in theaters now.