First Listen: Javeon “Lovesong” (Shadow Child Remix), Plus Javeon Interview

Artist on the rise Javeon drops a new remix of his breakout track “Love Song” with VIBE featuring friend and studio mate Shadow Child. Cop an exclusive first listen and get the music deets with our interview with Javeon below:

VIBE: Could you explain the sound of your new music in your own words?
I tried to capture the best things about the music I’m into, the vibe and melodies of garage, the soul and emotion in RnB, the energy of House and the hooks and catchiness of pop. There’s a real 90’s vibe about some of the music I’m making, and also current so I’ve ended up with a new sound, which in places is remeniscent of music from the past.

Tell us about this remix and the remixer of ‘LoveSong’ you’re dropping on VIBE.
Shadow Child is on the buttons for this wicked remix, this one is for the dance floor! It’s more underground and dark, with less vocal than the original but does the job I can’t wait to hear it out.

Your single ‘LoveSong’ has a 90’s house vibe. What are some musical influences that you look to when producing music?
Although I’m a big fan of 90’s RnB and Dance, music new and old, when I’m making music I try not to think of my influences as I want the creativity to flow as natural and original as possible.
 On top of a great beat, “LoveSong” has some very ear-catching lyrics.

What was the message you were trying to get across when making it?

I wasn’t really trying to get a message across, but myself and MNEK ended up writing a song that i think a lot of people could relate to…When one person is ready for something the other isn’t.

Your label home is PMR, which also fronts Jessie Ware and Disclosure. What’s the environment like in the studio? Looking at Twitter, it looks like you guys are very supportive of each other. Whats it like being part of the PMR family?
I haven’t been in with those guys yet, but I’ve been in with Julio Bashmore, Two inch punch and T-Williams who i get on with really well. The environment is great as I’m working with friends I can make good music with. Being apart of the PMR roster is great, as you’ve pointed out we are very supportive of each other. We go to each others gigs when we can, support new releases, it’s a good team to be apart of.

What was the funniest thing you’ve ever witnessed in the studio?
I was recording myself and my laptop decided to turn off before i was able to save the song…..that was pretty funny after a while.

Speaking of studio stories, what else do you have planned for fans and music enthusiasts throughout the rest of the year?
I’ve been working on my album, so you can definitely expect some more music from me! Also I’ll be doing a few shows between now and christmas around the UK.