Flyotw And VIBE Presents A Dubstep Documentary: Behind The Beats With Caspa

This day in the life documentary shows Caspa in his daily route to the studio as he talks about his life leading up to this point and his musical influences along the way. Despite his background in sports, Caspa makes it clear that “music’s kind of always been there” for him.

“I was kind of always into garage, I bought myself a cheap pair of decks, started buying some vinyl, I kind of found the more darker, heavier sound which I was really into and kind of fell in love with that”. He then goes on to talk about his transition into owning his own label and creating his own type of sound: “There was not many labels around, so I started my own label and kind of built it and built it and built it where I came to a point where I was in a good position in the scene.” The issue with promoting his new music was that it could not be marketed under any of the current genres of music, it was unique: “It was a real London bass heavy crazy sound, no one really had a name for it.” He describes dubstep as being “a progression of UK music, hardcore jungle, drum and bass, garage.”

It becomes clear throughout the documentary how passionate he is about his music and that has driven him to keep improving and trying new things. His care-free attitude is reflected in his approach to albums: “I write beats on what’s going on that week and that month, if it pieces together to an album fantastic, if it don’t, whatever. There was never an intention to sell an album and have a single, and do videos, it kind of just fell that way.”

The film ends on an inspirational note, “no one believes in you better than yourself”, he describes how his determination translated into his success: “If I can have my own thing, and push my own sound, and push my own artists, and push my own brand then I’m going to believe in it and push it stronger than if I give a tune to someone and they go yeah we’ll deal with everything.” Definitely one to watch.

Don’t snooze on Caspa’s Alpha Omega album out now.