Frank Ocean Flexes For ‘Oyster’ Magazine

Ladies, here’s a little chocolate as a morning treat. Despite cancelling gigs following a serious vocal chord injury, singer Frank Ocean proves he’s been working it out elsewhere.

In the latest issue of Oyster magazine, the “Pyramids” singer sheds his shirt and lets his sculpted physique do the talking in a striking shoot with photographer Nabil Elderkin. During the the actual interview, editor Zac Bayly chats with the Odd Future crooner about finding the right pair of pants and slinging crack in high school. Read on for the excerpt.

Frank Ocean: …What’s your middle name?

Zac Bayly: My middle name?

My full name is Zachary Cameron Bayly.
Zachary Cameron Bayly. There was a bully in my elementary school named Bailey.

At my middle school, actually.

I wasn’t him. I’m not a bully.
[Laughs] I didn’t get bullied, but he was a bully. I was never a bully.

What were you like in school?
I was a thug. I sold a lot of cocaine and crack.

You sold cocaine and crack?
All the time.


I was not as cool as you.
You weren’t as cool as me?

I was reading Harry Potter.
Harry Potter is good.

Wait — so you were reading Harry Potter and selling crack?

Oyster #103: The Hang Out In Real Life Issue now available on stands. Click here to see more shots from the shoot.

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