Furious Petitioners Want Adidas-Reebok To Drop Teyana Taylor

Uh oh. Teyana Taylor may have proven she could clap back to Rihanna for her wisecracks, but to over 1,000 petitioners, it’s Taylor who is the bully. During this week’s dragged out Twitter spat, Taylor used a picture of Rih’s beaten face from her 2009 domestic violence incident as a Twitter background picture. A woman named Jan Brown felt Teyana took it too far and started a petition on Change.org to strip the G.O.O.D. Music artist of her Adidas-Reebok endorsements. According to Ms. Brown, Teyana “pokes fun at domestic violence, is a violent person towards others, and should not be the face of this company.”

As of now the petition has over 1,300 signatures. Here are some of the remarks left by its signers:

No one should make fun of someone else’s pain especially domestic violence…just plain wrong..what miss Teyana Taylor did was beyond despicable…she put Rihanna’s face in a boxing ring as a punching bag…can’t go on with the rest of the details….it was so sickening and horrible to see…Miss Taylor is not the right image to represent your company as it reflects back heavily on you as a whole. My blood runs cold just thinking about the picture she posted as her avi on her twitter page.

I was physically abuse as a child and I do not think its is funny. Tayanna Taylor mocked domestic violence openly on twitter and I feel strongly upset .. I will not be supporting this brand anymore ..

I love your products, even can’t imagine my life without them. But the face of the company can’t be a person who behave in a such immorality way. No violence!!! why should we honour person who proclaim violence????

Maria Briseno, LAREDO, TX:
As a victim of domestic violence myself I was outraged by Teyana Taylor’s behavior. This issue is not funny and should not be taking lightly. I have always loved Rebook and their products, recently introducing my young daughter to them as well. However, I will need to reconsider my choices being that Rebook supports behavior of such poor taste.

Jacinta Onus, AUSTRALIA:
Domestic Violence is not acceptable & for her to make fun of it is disgusting. She definately doesn’t deserve it!!! TAKE TEYANA OFF