Gentleman’s Corner: LaMonica Garrett on Acting and What He Loves in a Woman

LaMonica Garrett

Do you relate to him?
In some aspects I do; I know what I want and I go after it. I set goals, I set a target and I try to reach it. I think what separates us is my sense of humor. I think I have a little bit more personality than Cane. I think I’m a funny guy, Cane’s really not that guy.

Out of all your roles that you’ve played which one do you think is the most like you? And which one was the least like you?
I would say probably the role I play on Mike & Molly is most like me. He’s a lawyer and I’m not a lawyer by any means but just his charisma, his personality, his charm. He’s easy going. I’m easy going and laid back and that’s how James is.

My character on The Game, I saw a lot of me in him but there were some aspects of him that were not me at all. Like there’s one episode that I met Jay Ellis’ character for the first time and it I had to take the high road. He was taking all these jabs at me like “look at his eyebrows.” I think after the third or fourth jab I might have said something.

What made you ultimately decide to be an actor?
Growing up I was in different clubs, I was in the drama club, I did plays, I was always entertaining whether it was an assembly about Black History Month at school or a talent show. I was always performing. I played football and then went straight into acting.

Do you regret the path you went down?
Not at all; you learn so many life lessons from football at all levels of it, from pop warner to high school to college I think there’s so many life lessons learned. Also the discipline I learned in football gives me an advantage as an actor to know what I have to put into it. There’s no one looking over your shoulder telling you that you have to go to class, all of that is self-driven and all that comes from my upbringing and from football.