Gentleman’s Corner: LaMonica Garrett on Acting and What He Loves in a Woman

LaMonicaYou are in very good shape. Is that from football or were you just always in shape? Do you diet?
I think football started it, I hated working out in high school but when I got to college and everyone was bigger and faster I was like okay I’ve got to step it up. So I started in college, but now I’m getting a little older and can’t do as hard physical training as I used to but now I’ve incorporated yoga like four times a week. I still do weights, I still run a few miles a day, and I just like the way it makes me feel. It gets me going early in the morning; it gives me energy for the whole day.

Are you into eating healthy?
The older I get the better I eat. I figure if you eat pretty well you don’t have to workout as hard, like when I was younger I used to throw down a whole pizza, a six-pack of beer watching the game, I can’t do that anymore. I still eat pizza but I’ll throw a salad in there, I still drink beer but I’ll have some water in between each beer. I’ll modify it a little bit but I’m not the health freak.

What would be your role of a lifetime?
I’m a big comic book fan; I grew up reading comic books. I love the Batman’s and the Superman’s, the Avengers and all of that. But if it were just one big role and I just had to do one it would be Green Lantern, it’s my favorite comic and superhero.

If you could work with anybody, who would be your dream co-star?
I would love to work with James Earl Jones. James Earl Jones or Liam Neeson. I’ve watched their work for so long, I just love their work. I’d love to also work with Denzel, that would be amazing.

What attracts you to females, physically and non-physically?
I love skin, good skin; I think that jumps out to me. I love someone that takes care of herself, someone that works out because I do. You want the person you’re with to have the same mind set as you. I’ve dated women that have been tall and thin to shorter and not so thin. My girlfriends in the past have all been different, but mentally they’ve all been strong women. I am attracted to a strong-minded woman who knows what she wants.

What’s your number one turnoff?
I have a few turnoffs. If you’re on a first date, you’re trying to get to know someone and they’re on their phone every five minutes, checking twitter, or checking text messages. Or if you try to call someone after you’ve talked to them a little bit and you’re only getting a text message back, that’s no good. No ambition is also turn off; you want to build with someone. A woman that has too many male friends is a turn off—with too many male friends the lines are blurred, you don’t know what the history is, you’re trying to piece things together.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given that you could pass on to our readers
Follow through with whatever you start. No matter what it is, see it out to the end. I’d rather say oh well it didn’t happen instead of what if. A lot of people started something and they got sidetracked for whatever reason and now they’re like “if I would’ve continued doing this I would’ve…” Just follow through what you start.