#GoodbyeBreakingBad: 10 Tracks For Your ‘Breaking Bad’ Finale Party

It’s a sad day in Albuquerque as Walter White & Co. bid your small screens adieu in tonight’s season finale of the AMC Emmy Award-winning hit Breaking Bad. But before you sprinkle some of your faux blue rock candy meth over your box sets, celebrate the Bad times.

Whether you’re a newbie to the show (no late pass for you), a straggler who played catch up for two weeks straight (guilty!) or a seasoned meth chef-in-the-making, get your Breaking Bad party on and crackin’ with these thrashing tunes. Sorry, no Heisenberg hats and buckets of Los Pollos Hermanos chicken included but we promise the D.E.A. won’t come knockin’. Hit the arrow above to start the playlist.