Gwen Stefani Unveils Flea Market Inspired Spring ’14 L.A.M.B. Lookbook [Photos]

vibe-vixen-lamb lookbook3

While designers flock to New York City for Fashion Week festivities, Gwen Stefani unleashes her Spring 2014 collection to the Internet. A mix of bold prints and matching pant sets, the collection’s inspiration came from two juxtaposed designs.

“The starting off point for this collection was largely a vintage flea market jumpsuit that had amazing pocket details and zips everywhere. The second inspiration I found was this amazing Jim Naughten photo of these Namibian boys from the Hereo Tribe who had made their own uniforms in blue and red,” she says.
Gwen’s personal style is always a hit, so it’s no surprise that we are very impressed with her newest line. Click through to see all of our favorite looks.