Interview: Krewella On What It Means To Get Wet


We caught up with the badass babes of Krewella on their first-ever headlining tour at a stop in Dallas, Texas. Sisters Jahan and Yasmine Yousaf gave us some insight on what being a part of the ‘Krew Life,’ getting wet, and touring really means to them. Although the main man (aka Kris “Rain Man” Trindl) wasn’t there, the girls told us exactly what Krewella and the ‘Get Wet’ tour is all about:

VIBE: So this was your first headlining tour! How does it feels?
Jahan: This is a dream come true for any artist to sustain themselves on a headlining tour. We’re huge fans of Candyland and Seven Lions, so it’s an honor to be on tour with them too. It’s our first time ever doing live vocals plus DJing, and having custom stage production. This is really exciting for us and it’s our first bus tour too.

What is the ‘Krew Life’ about for you guys?
Yasmine: Krew life is definitely about family ‘cause we’re all just one big family and it’s about getting wet, not giving a fuck, and just letting go – letting loose. It’s also about meeting so many amazing new people, like actually living the Krew Life – I know it sounds cheesy. The fact that we’ve gotten to meet these fans that have turned into friends that now feel like family is the coolest thing in the world. And we get to make great music.

What does ‘get wet’ really mean to you guys? Where’d it come from?
Jahan: We have a few meanings for it. We came up with it when we had to come up with a bio a few years ago. Instead of writing a very extended bio talking about ourselves, our history, and why we make music we just thought it could be short and sweet. With ‘making you wet, one song at a time’ we found that when we actually started playing shows people started getting wet in the crowd and we started getting wet without actually physically throwing water or champagne, which we do at shows anyways, but they just rage so hard and we do too. Plus, we’re very sexual people so we fully encourage people to get wet in a sexy way too.

Speaking of getting wet, how was your summer? Some highlights?
Yasmine: We played amazing festivals. I think one of the highlights would have to be EDC Vegas. It was our first year at EDC Vegas, and our whole tent filled up with just thousands of gorgeous people, beautiful people, having the time of their lives and we sang live and it was a really beautiful night. Our dad was there with us too. We got a week off, which was our first few days off in a long time. I went on a mini three-day vacation to France, Jahan got some time with her boyfriend in LA. We finished the album, we shot some music videos, and it was a good summer – a happy summer.

Give us some insight on your new album. Your recent tracks have some hardstyle/trap elements in them, like “Party Monster.” What can we expect out of the album coming out September 24th?
Jahan: It’s full of energy, emotion, and we spent more time on the lyrics and production this time than we had with “Play Hard.” There’s a song for every feeling that you have. You have the song you can rage/party to, there’s an emotional song, and I think on a deeper level people will really connect to the songs on this album. We’re really proud of it. We spent almost two years working on it.

With over 40 dates on the ‘Get Wet’ tour and a new album coming out in two weeks, Krewella shows no signs of slowing down with the immense amount of success they’ve had thus far. Whether you’re down with the Krew or just trying to get wet, the trio are straight killing it with their emotion-attracting lyrics and soul slaying beats.

Photo credit: Getty Images