Interview: Sasha Go Hard Talks Chicago Rap, Diplo Tour And Thirsty Industry Dudes


Sasha Go Hard can hardly explain what it means to “go hard.” “I can show you better than I can tell you,” the rap rookie says over the phone from her native Chicago. “‘Go Hard’ really came from my voice. It’s me not caring about nothing I say and just keeping it 100.”

In August, Sasha released her second mixtape of the year, Nutty World, a gritty 11-track project (Download it here) that finds her ratchet-izing about career and personal roadblocks. The mixtape further cements her position as a budding hip-hop prospect, an unapologetic centerpiece of Chi’s incessant drill movement. VIBE spoke to Sasha about her recent tour with Diplo, Nutty World and Chicago rap’s latest explosion.

VIBE: How’s it been touring on the Mad Decent Block Party?

Sasha Go Hard: The Mad Decent Block Party tour is dope. Atlanta was the first city I went to. It was different from all my other shows; it was packed out. Everybody was in tune. They showed love. I had a ball. Shout out to Diplo for that. He put me on that.

How did he extend that invitation?

He followed me on Twitter first. He DM’d me and told me he wanted to work with me. This man is huge. He’s got a lot going on. I was thirsty to work on his beats. Then when I heard them, I fell in love with them. I’m the type of person to rap off anything. That’s when I came up with “Damn.” It’s on my Round 3 mixtape produced by Diplo. We connected and kept in touch after the song. They hit my PR up and told me they wanted me on the tour. Everybody was excited like, Damn, you finna be on the Mad Decent Block Party Tour.

Even though it’s fairly recent, how have you changed as an artist since you put out Round 3 six months ago?

Lyrically, I got better compared to Round 3 and even all my other mixtapes. My mindset is just getting more serious about what I want to do with music. When Round 3 came around, I knew I had to go harder. Mainly my mindset, my flow, my producers. I’ve met new producers from Florida. I met this producer named Haze from Florida. He didn’t make it on Round 3, but for Nutty World. A lot of the songs on Nutty World are kinda hard, serious. Round 3 was the same thing. I had to grab it and put my all in it because the beats was strong.

How’d the collaboration with Rockie Fresh come about?

Rockie Fresh, he cool as hell. We don’t talk a lot, but when we do talk we make sure each other doing good. He’s like my bro. I was on his Electric Highway mixtape. He reached out to me when I dropped “Why They Mad.” After that, we hit each other up like, “I want you on this.” I salute him. He different, he cool. He don’t do all that extra stuff. I fuck with him. I love that song; it makes me feel so good to hear that Maybach Music on there. That stamp. I appreciate that.

What would it take to get a Maybach deal?

I just keep grinding. I love Rick Ross. I respect everything he put out. I rock with him. His music is one hunnid to me.

If they offered, would you sign?

I don’t want to just settle for anything. I’m aiming for the best. Whoever takes me seriously… I got good people on my side. I done seen situations with Chicago artists rushing to jump into something and a lot of people get disappointed.

On “Own Lane,” you spit this one line—and I’m paraphrasing—about guys trying to have sex with you to get on a feature.

Yes, no bull. Everything I said in my “Own Lane” song is the truth. It was one of them days when I was thinking about how better situations done got for me and yes that is true. I’ve reached out to people to work with them and they just expect me to have sex with them. I’m a strong type of woman [so I told myself] I’ma get him and I’ma show him. Niggas reaching out to me now, the same niggas that tried to mess with me. Since I dropped Nutty World and I heard that song, I done heard so many rumors, niggas mad. People I never expected to disrespect me.

Women in rap have always had it tough. How difficult is it now?