INTERVIEW: Terry Crews Talks ‘Cloudy 2,’ Favorite Food Animals & Sci-Fi Aspirations

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Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 is in theaters today (9/27) and we chatted with the film’s resident tough guy Terry Crews about working out in the vocal booth, the allure of the food animals, and his own personal aspirations. The concepts of loyalty, friendship and teamwork brimmed from the screen when Sony Pictures’ Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs hit theaters. Adapted from the 1978 children’s book, the animated feature found Bill Hader, Anna Farris, and Terry Crews playing new characters who invent a device that was destined to improve everyone’s life. Bill Hader plays inventor Flint Lockwood, a crazy and enthusiastic character who made a machine that created a culinary overcast of immense proportions. The audience’s appetite for the picture proved to be hefty, as the sequel reunites the trio with Benjain Bratt (Manny), Neil Patrick Harris (Steve) and Andy Samberg (Brent McHale). The new plot isn’t based on 1997’s Pickles to Pittsburgh children’s book, but continues right after the first film, as Flint and his friends are forced to leave their foodie-filled town right as the food machine awakens. With the out-of-whack device transforming the island into an environment you can stick a fork in, Flint and his friends must return home to deactivate the machine, survive the new terrain and escape the stomachs of hungry and sentient food beasts. Terry Crews replaced Mr. T as Officer Earl in the sequel, as the original film presented the character as the town’s athletic (and emotionally sound) cop. In a role fitting for the herculean actor, Crews has already gripped action fans by the throat as Hale Ceasar in The Expendables franchise, and proves capable of holding his own in lighter fodder. We were able to get a few minutes to chat with the Flint, Michigan football and art standout about his vocal performance in the booth, the allure of the food animals in Cloudy 2, and his own cinematic aspirations. Listen to the interview in full below:

INTERVIEW: Terry Crews Talks 'Cloudy 2,' Favorite Food Animals & Sci-Fi Aspirations by Kevin L. Clark on Mixcloud