Interview: Tritonal Says Don’t Mess With Texas (Or Taylor Swift)

Pro-trance duo Tritonal (aka Dave Reed and Chad Cisneros) is the ultimate EDM trifecta, bringing the best in beats, style and performance. As they gear up for their much-anticipated EP release, ‘Metamorphic II,’ Tritonal’s Texan Chad gives VIBE the skinny on the inspiration behind the group’s new music, setting an example after the Electric Zoo tragedy, and why everything is bigger in Texas (including its raves).

VIBE: You have a new EP coming out, ‘Metamorphic II,’ which has already gained a lot of hype and attention due to the track “Follow Me Home.” Can you explain the inspiration or process when producing this music.
Tritonal:Follow Me Home” was one of those tracks that we worked on for well over a year. We finished up a more melodic version of it right before EDC Las Vegas 2012 and played it to a huge reaction. We knew it deserved a proper top line and Mark Underdown knocked it out of the park! The drop of the track was written much later, and was programmed from scratch. It was a serious editing job, and something we’re quite proud of.

Speaking of home, you’re also on tour and had to chance to play in your home state of Texas this week. What was it like? Did you have time to visit family?
Ahh, love playing in our home State! Yes, sold all the way out!! Family didn’t make it to these, but we do see them at various events across the US. Our Tritonians in Texas are some of the most energetic in the World, and they seem to be really proud that we represent the Loan Star state on a global level.

It’s surprising you guys haven’t tried producing your own ‘country-step’ single like Avicii’s “Wake Me Up,” especially since the country genre is such a big part of the Texas culture. If you could remix one country song, what would it be?
Well, we listen to all sorts of music and don’t rule out any genre to be honest. Good music is good music. Taylor Swift seems to be writing some cool stuff, how about “I Knew You Were Trouble.”

How did two country boys from Texas hook up and become EDM princes among the festival circuits?
Well, Dave is actually from DC in Washington. We met online discussing Audio Engineering, Synthesis and Sound Design techniques and became great friends. We listened to loads of music together and got a feel for one another’s musical palette. Dave made the move and the rest is history! EDM is a worldwide community, so no matter where you are in the world, if you have internet and a passion for dance music you can stay up to date with pretty much everything happening!

Actually, many DJs we’ve talked to say that they were surprised to find that Texas boasts some of the liveliest and craziest crowds during their U.S. tours. What does that say about Texans?
That we ROCK! Everything is bigger in Texas, and this includes the parties. I would say that the other place in the world that reminds us of Texas is Australia. We’ve toured there about four times and are back this year for Stereosonic. Love the country, love the people, love the food! They know what’s up!

You were one of the bands to perform at this year’s Electric Zoo. What are you thoughts on the unexpected deaths? How do you guys continue to fight the negative press that sometimes become associated with industry?
Absolutely tragic, we were on our way to our next show when we heard the news the next day and it just broke us. Dave and I try and live our lives as examples. We don’t do drugs or even drink for that matter on tour. Music is our passion, not staying inebriated. That said, we understand that people want to have a good time and are going to make their own decisions. We think the best course is to promote awareness. Some kids don’t realize how dangerous ecstasy can be when mixed with dehydration and hyperthermia. It was so hot outside, and EZoo was doing everything they could to give out free water and spray people with water hoses.

Now, we understand you guys have been campaigning hard for DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJ. Give our readers three reasons why they should vote for you?
We honestly haven’t campaigned this hard this year, as the Poll seems to have a bit of a stigma to it. So many artists have turned their back on the importance, relevance and significance of the Poll. To be honest what truly matters is whether fans are showing up and selling out the shows we put on. Hard ticket sells say a whole lot more than some number in a chart! The Tritonians are the best fans on the planet, they are so passionate and we love them to bits. If you’re a Tritonian, I don’t need to convince you with some bullet points. If you’re not, head on over to our Soundcloud page and dig into some of our new music! Thanks for having us guys!