Interview: Vinylz And Allen Ritter Talk Co-Producing Drake’s ‘The Language’


Drake’s long awaited Nothing Was The Same hit stores today and the album has already been named a favorite among critics and fans alike. Production duo Vinlyz and Allen Ritter give the Toronto rapper one of the more aggressive tracks, “The Language,” but this isn’t the first time you’ve heard them. Vinlyz has produced some of the rapper’s releases including ‘5 AM in Toronto’, ‘No New Friends’, and the Jay Z/Rick Ross collabo ‘F*ckwitmeyouknowigotit.” See what these two have to say about the working with Drake, upcoming projects and more. —Desire Thompson

VIBE: Let’s start with intros, tell us about yourselves
Allen: I’m an artist but I also co-produce, and I’m originally from Yonkers, New York. Really, I started taking music seriously when I was 16. After that, I got with Vinylz.

Are you guys a team?
Vinylz: We’re in the process of forming one now. We’ve just been collaborating for so long, so it’s only right.

So, break down how you guys ended up working with Drake on “The Language.”
Vinylz: “The Language” was a collaborative effort between Boi-1da, Allen Ritter and myself. We met Drake back in February during Grammy Week. Boi reached out to me and said ‘I need you guys to come out and work on Drake’s album.’ So we were out on the next flight [Laughs]. We stayed at Drake’s house for a while and started working from there. Actually, that’s when we started working on “No New Friends” and “5 AM in Toronto.” Drake is a very humble guy, and a very cool dude.

Whose idea was it for Baby to get on the track?
Allen: That was probably Drake’s idea, not too sure.
Vinylz: We only heard the first verse of the song, so I’m not sure whose idea that was. We just heard the final product right now.
Allen: We had no idea he was going to even use that specific beat. We weren’t there for the recording of the verse. It was actually a surprise to us when we heard the just the first verse. I think it definitely fits the album overall, and we’re loving the feedback from it.

Do you guys have plans for any of your own projects right now?
Vinylz: We’re working on a whole bunch of projects right now. We may have one on Future’s album and we’re working on some pop projects with Mikky Ekko. We have a lot coming. We’re getting ready for Allen Ritter’s project as well.

Okay, one last thing. How would you guys define your sound?
Vinylz: We try not to have a sound… it’s whatever we’re feeling at the time. I don’t ever want to be known for one sound. I want people to listen to it and wonder ‘Who made the beat?’ I don’t want them to say ‘Oh, that’s a Vinylz beat.’ I don’t want to be categorized.